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The Golden Retriever is a gentle and mild-mannered dog but, like all dogs, they can be a little mischievous while they are puppies. You never know what your puppy might get into if you don’t keep an eye on him which is why many Golden Retriever owners utilize tether training. Placing your dog on a tether will help to keep him out of trouble without you having to confine him to his crate.

What is Tether Training for Dogs?

When you start housetraining your Golden Retriever puppy, you probably make use of a crate in order to keep him from having an accident in the house when you cannot supervise him closely. As your dog gets older, however, he will gain more control over his bladder and bowels so he may not need to be confined to the crate. It is still a good idea, however, to keep him in one particular area so he doesn’t wander around the house getting into trouble – that is where tether training comes in. By attaching your Golden’s collar to a tether you can limit his range without fully confining him.

The term “tether training” means different things to different people. One interpretation involves limiting the dog’s ability to roam, as described previously, but there is another meaning for the term “tether training”. The second interpretation for this type of training involves teaching your dog to walk or run on a leash (or tether) without having to hold the leash yourself. Instead, the tether wraps around your waist, leaving your hands free. Some dog owners even keep their dogs tethered to their bodies in the house to keep their dogs out of trouble.

Simple Tips for Tether Training Your Dog

If you want to tether train your Golden Retriever, your best bet is to start while your puppy is young. Puppies are highly impressionable during the first few months of life so this is the best time to teach them new things – it is just part of socializing your puppy. If you don’t start tether training early, your adult dog could be confused by the tether or he might become anxious about being restrained. The key to success with tether training is to start early and to get your dog used to the tether before you actually start using it for whatever your intended purpose may be.

To get your dog acquainted with the tether, simply attach the tether to your Golden Retriever’s collar then praise and reward him. Start off by standing right next to him and then, after a few repetitions, take a step back. Keep working with your dog until he remains calm while you move as far away as the length of the tether will allow. Once your Golden gets used to being on the tether you can start using it for walks and you can use it in the house to keep your dog in a certain area while you cannot physically supervise him. You can even keep your dog tethered to your body when you are at home, if you choose to. Just remember to keep praising and rewarding your dog for good behavior on the tether.

When your Golden Retriever puppy is still young you may find that he has a tendency to get into anything and everything. One way to keep your puppy out of trouble is to keep him tethered when you cannot watch him yourself. Tether training can also be a great way to teach your puppy how to walk or run on the leash without you having to hold it.

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