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Terrible situation in KY, don't need to look at the picture just read and email

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If you can't take it, don't look at the pictures but a golden was hung in KY by it's owner and the authorities need to know this will not be tolerated. I live in PA and do not vote or pay taxes in KY. The address for the governor of KY is below, please send him an email and address your disgust at this behavior. The southern mentality of pets equal to livestock has got to quit. I wouldn't approve of this behavior for a cow, goat or pig, let alone a dog. Please take a moment and let your voice be heard. There is no excuse for tolerating this behavior. Thanks Kathi Tufts

From: Julia Sharp

Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 4:12 PM

To: Julia Sharp

Subject: ATTN!! KY: Horrible, graphic picture of HUNG dog in Bath County-read even if you can't look.

Calls to the Kentucky State Police may be helpful since they have not filed any charges with the county attorney's office:

The KSP Post Commander is Captain John C. Blanton

Office # 606-784-4127

Email: [email protected] (

From: Bev Watson

Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 6:53 AM

Subject: Horrible, graphic picture of hung dog in Bath County-read even if you can't look.I feel like throwing up! Kentucky was voted the #1 State to live if you are an animal abuser. No one takes responsibility, or is held accountable and this just proves it. I am ashamed at our elected officials and law enforcement leaders. Abusers and killers get a slap on the hand. Anyone that could do something like this is a sick pathetic human being and needs to pay the price!

Please pass this on to your contacts. Folks:

These are the pictures of the golden retriever that was shot and hung yesterday. The facts that I know are sketchy. The last I heard was that our ACO was going to the County Attorney's office tomorrow to ask to press charges.

I want everyone to know upfront that one of the recipients of this email is our Judge Executive, Carolyn Belcher. She is totally aware of what has happened. Please do not call her office. Hopefully she will honor my right of freedom of speech as I write the rest of this email as some of it will not be flattering to the Bath County government.

I want to press for prosecution of this *******, Wesley Barrett, who lives on Peeled Oak Road in Owingsville Kentucky. The only one who has the power to do that is our County Attorney, Leslie Richardson. I have had many of you ask who to call. After tomorrow, I will know if Ms. Richardson is going to prosecute.

The correct phone number for Bath Co. Attorney is 606 674-6663. CALL NOW AN INSIST THEY CHARGE WESLEY BARRETT W/FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE.

I am also going to say that Bath County is the worst place to get anyone convicted for animal abuse, unfortunately. Barrett is now saying that his "neighbor" shot the dog and he hung it there to make a point. He is a liar.

I am also going to tell you that the KY State Police are about as much help as a toothpick in a windstorm. I called them 2x and they tell me that they were called only to "assist" our ACO. Remember the starving horses on Route 211? They (KSP)watched for days and weeks while several of them died.

Take a look at these pictures. Look at the gunshot in the leg. I believe this poor guy died from being hung. I have asked our ACO to retrieve the body of the dog for a necropsy. I have also asked him to retrieve the gun that Barrett owns. I don't know how far I will get.

I am totally dumfounded as to which way to go. I would like to ask all of you to help me. Guide me, advise me, call someone who knows someone who might be able to help us here in Bath County. This insanity must stop. This story is going to be on the news tonight here in KY at 11. At this point, from being in Bath County for the past 7 years, I have known of dogs and cats murdered, starved, shot and burned so I don't look for a lot of support from the Bath County Law Enforcement or the media. (My apologies to the newspeople reading this.) A plastic bag full of tiny puppies, ten of them, were thrown out on Route 60 and run over by cars about 2 years ago. No one was ever charged with this. It was on the news and the next day it was over.

I am sickened by the slaughter of our animals. I really need your help. I hope that you will all tell everyone you know about this. Let your feelings be known about this. Encourage our County Attorney to DO SOMETHING about this.

Thank you...This is the second sad day of many to come before this ******* Wesley Barrett is brought to justice. When that happens I will draw a happy breath.

Please, also, the Golden Retriever rescue people, hope you jump on this!!!!!

Susan Harris

Eastern Kentucky Animal Rescue

Sylvia's Animal Sanctuary

606-674-9508 home

859-585-1384 cell
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Ughh! How do people sleep at night! I truly believe what comes around goes around, and whoever is responsible will get their day!
You need the District attorney, the Prosecuting Attorney and the Sheriff. If none of them believe this is a prosecutable offense, everyone in Kentucky needs to move.

Poor baby.
I pray that they prosecute that a hole. Hopefully the first shot killed the dog and he didnt suffer. There is a place in hell for anyone that could hurt an animal.
And this is the state that my husband's job is considering building a plant in? I have lost so much respect for this company already and this just makes it worse.
The state has passed tougher legislation with "Romeo's Law," but it's up to the individual counties to enforce it. Sadly, these kind of backwoods counties still don't put a lot of emphasis on protecting animals.
How terrible. Please keep us updated if you find out what happens to this guy.
I can't even read it all... too horrible!
I did find this video, and it sounds like someone else killed the dog.

Still, ugh!
I cannot find any actual news story about this... can someone direct me to one?
See the video link I posted
First I get "Invalid Link", then follow the alternate link postedto see the video and get a news story about some race car driver theft .
Weird. The video I saw did include blurred photos of a blond Golden hanging from a tractor in front of a nicely manicured home and lawn. The guy speaks saying he hung the dog up to make a statement after a neighbor shot the dog.
I can't look at the pictures.

CAROLINAMOM sent me a link about a golden retrieve who had been thrown in a creek with bricks tied around his neck. They are still looking for the culprits. It happened here in NC. People like that are absolutely disgusting.
I am in contact with one of the principals involved, and there is a problem in that there is no body to be found in order to do a necropsy. It's a bad situation.
The Animal Control Officer is Officer Tapp and his cell # is 606-336-8450. Main City/County Dispatch is 606-674-2006. I have calls in to verify. Please keep this bumped up with any information that becomes available. Sheriffs Office is aware of it and has turned it over to Animal Control for investigation. Please, do not look at any pictures of this that are being sent. It will disturb you and make you sick. But, we HAVE to find out if this is indeed true and if it is then I'll speak later.

Officer Tapp has returned my call and offered the following:

1. The dog was shot for reasons unknown - perhaps chasing lifestock, cats, poutry, etc by persons unknown at this time.

2. The owner found the dog dead from the gunshot wounds.

3. The owner, a self admitted "hothead" who doesn't "think things through" then hung the dog up so that whoever had shot his dog would see what they had done and perhaps show remorse (why they would after shooting the dog I don't know)

4. There is a full investigation under way by Officer Tapp and he will file charges and prosecute to the fullest extent possible anyone (including the owner) who have played a hand in this tragedy.

5. Yes - his phone and the phone of the County Attorney have been ringing off the hook

6. Yes - I am willing to take Officer Tapp at his word at this time. He has interviewed the owner more than once and Officer Tapp seems to wear his heart on his sleeve for all to see. As an Animal Control Officer he has personally (according to him) achieved a 95% adoption rate with stray animals the county takes in.

7. Yes - he has agreed to contact me with any new developments in this case, and the case will remain open.

8. I am going to make a post on the Rainbow Bridge section for this poor dog and I will name him Bath since that was the county he ran and played in. Please light a candle for him.
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This story breaks my heart! I can't believe the ignorance of some people.....I will definitely will send an email.....whom ever did such a horrible thing to this dog should be hung themselves!!!!!!
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