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hi, sorry i still haven't posted pictures of my baby.
She's 16weeks and 9 days old.
Is loosing appetite one of the things that i should expect if she's teething? or is it another thing? i'm really worried, she can't even finish 1 cup of her meal. sometimes she doesn't even touch it. I've been giving her eukanoba as what the breeder recommended. should i change it?
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she's been with us for 2 months now and she's a monster feeder during the first few months.
nope i usually give her dry kibbles, but my mom cooked her some stewed beef earlier and mixed it with her regular food and rice. as usual, she wasn't able to finish it. she's 25 lbs now. yep, she's drinking lots of water, she prefers to drink rather than eat. she's not that playful lately. her stools the same, it's nice and solid.

i'm really worried..
thanks for the reply. she still has a complete set of teeth and her mouth's not stinky. she loves frozen carrot though. hehehe and another thing, she hasn't released her poop all day.. :c
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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