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Teenage years

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At what age do dogs start to go through their teenage years and rebel? How long does it last and what sort of activities have people observed? Will they not recall or do commands, bark, etc...?

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Usually it happens around 8 to 14 months or so. Most of what I noticed is they seemed to forget many of the rules and limits I thought they had down pat and forgot many of the commands I also thought they had learned well. It really isn't a "BAD" phase you just have to go back to square one for a bit.
Sam hit one around 9 months, then again at around a year, then again at 15 months, then again at.... LOL

9 months - 1 yr is the typical adolescent bratty stage I believe ;)
Lainey is with Sam in the multiple stages club...she's doing it again at 2! It's making us crazy!! But she has done it before and returns to her former obedient self again at some point!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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