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Ted is limping on his right front leg.

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Ted began limping a couple of days ago. We think he strained his right shoulder. We think what happened is he slipped on the hardwood floor while being excited about going for his second walk for the day. We have been having him rest but when he goes outside he does not seem to limp quite as bad.

This morning I finally was able to pinpoint exactly where he hurts. If he were human I would be putting bengay or some other warming ointment on the area. I can't do that with Ted. What sort of remedy can I use?? I feel soo bad for him. He looks so pathetic limping around.

Thank you for any advice. A call to the vet will be made on Monday, you can be sure of that.


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Maybe a warm wash cloth or heating pad if he will sit still so you can hold it on for him?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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