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Tear Jerker

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Oh God, bawling like a baby. I almost didn't watch but between that song and those gorgeous sweet babies who now have forever homes , it was worth it.

I am doing an assessment for GRRIN this weekend on an 11 year old boy whose "family" is surrendering him because they no longer have time for him and he is now living outside.
They have had him since he was a puppy. ***?
I don't understand people. How can you not have time for an 11 year old?
Tear jerker indeed! I have no clue why so many end up in rescue. It is heartbreaking. I know that I am grateful or I would not have Sampson. The hard work and dedication the volunteers put in is astounding.
I'm afraid to watch..maybe tomorrow. I just read dear Priska's RIP thread...oh my heart is broken!
If I had been watching that at home I would be bawling. I barely kept it together just because I'm at work. Those poor, wonderful, lucky dogs.

I see red when I hear about people giving up their dog they've had for so long using the excuse of having no time for them. **** it! Make $#^#$% time!!! You'd do it for a child. People are so selfish and cruel!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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