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Our Golden Lucy and myself took a long walk on sunday. On tuesday, she was more quiet than usual, and had some diarrhea. On wednesday, some vomiting and salivating were developing and by wednesday evening she wasn't able to get up from her doggy-couch. Also, she couldn't sit down swiftly, and was obviously experiencing discomfort or pain while rising and sitting down. Then I remembered that I had seen bright blue pellets along a path through a field in which I let her roam free for a while on our sunday walk. I remembered they didn't look like seeds (as rat poison usually does), so I thought it was a fertilizer product that had been used by a farmer.

Fearing for an orthopedic problem because of the difficulties with her back legs, I looked up the symptoms, and found that the symptoms I saw (including the dificulties in getting up, which could be a result of internal bleeding in the joints), correspondeded to warfarine (rat poison) poisoning. Remembering the blue pellets, I told my wife about my concerns, we put Lucy in the car and went for an immediate visit to the veterinarian at 11 pm. Examination concluded that Lucy had a heightened temperature (whereas a lowered temperature was to be expected in the case of poisoning) and nicely colored gums (whereas pale gums would be expected in case of a rat poison poisoning). The vet also checked her hips and had no reason to believe it was an orthopaedic problem.

It turned out that, probably, because of a viral infection in het gastrointestinal system, her abdomen hurt so much that extending her legs would hurt her belly. She got a shot against her elevated temperature and against nausea. The next day, she was a lot better (no difficulties in getting up anymore, but still somewhat more withdrawn than usual), and today she is back to her old self again.

I never heard of dogs' difficulties with standing up resulting from abdominal pain. I also googled it, and it turns out that this is a relatively common symptom of abdominal pain in dogs.Guess we learned something from this, and thought I'd share it with you all.

Did any of you ever hear of this?
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