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Support Rescue vote for B. Bailey

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Found this via an Arizona golden rescue, wanted to put a plug in for Beetle Bailey...her Dad Greg is avid golden rescuer and has been a huger supporter of rescues across the country to include Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue which is how I learned of him.

please vote this ends saturday Oct 17 at 1159PM (PST)

The dog owners of bloggers and twitters media rule this contest....
but several friends urged me to try this one more week.

No Golden has won this contest....

I understand from a friend in Az that Bailey had 2300 votes last
last Saturday night...not sure where in the standings...
have to wait til tomorrow to see dog had 5000+ votes (a blogger)

Last week I wrote to over (60) Golden Rescue groups in the US, (7) Golden
Golden Rescue gorups in Canada, and (3) Golden Retriever Clubs in
England for their support and votes.

Please if you can, ask a few friends to vote for Beetle
thank you for voting last week and in a previous contest,
thanks again,


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I'm hoping you can help and vote for our special senior girl.
We have entered Beetle Bailey in a dog contest , one more time,

A little information about her...
Beetle Bailey was a 9 year old, skinny 42lbs, unspayed female golden who was
diagnosed with diabetes and lost her sight not including several tumors which needed
to be removed. The owner realized that he wouldn't be able to take care of her and
surrendered her to golden rescue.

Fast forward, it was golden rescue who gave her eye surgery and her sight back, diabetes
somewhat under control, and got rid of those nasty tumors as well as getting her spayed.

Every Golden Rescue has a Beetle Bailey.

We think she's been through alot.....

While getting spayed they found even more tumors and
the others below and around her shoulders... ..

...eye surgery

.....and today

We adopted this young lady about 2 1/2 years ago and what a character she has been,
even through all of this. (We adopted her right before her eye surgery and waited for her

Since this past January, she has been battling chronic ear problems, hyperarathyroidism
(an operation for high calcium), (4) different type bladder infections one after another,
and finally getting her diabetes glucose curve under control. We've had alot ups and
downs but through this she has been a trooper.

Again, I hope you will vote for Beetle Bailey...

This is a "weekly" contest that runs for 12 weeks (there will be 12 winners) and it is now in it's 10 week.
Many of the previous winning dogs owners are bloggers, facebook, twitters, etc., which have
generated numerous votes. I do not belong to these blogs,

Click on this link

http://www.cutestdo gcompetition. com/vote. cfm?h=AF9BECE8D6 63538C5B3AC81B21 A62306

Clink on register to vote....
they will ask you for your email address and make up a password
((the contest will NOT sell you address and/or use it to send advertisements)
this is to help keep the voting honest, in previous contests people were using multi addresses
from the same computer, etc.

> email address
> password

you will be sent back to Beetle's picture and VOTE

the contest will run from today
Oct 17 Saturday 11:59pm

thank you for voting, vote once a day or if you can vote everyday,
We deeply appreciate your vote,
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That is a very cute picture.
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