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Summer's first litter -- NOW WITH PUPPY CAM!

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We are on puppy watch. We expect to have a litter within about 24 hours. As some here will remember, when we have a litter we put up a 24/7 webcam, so people can watch the puppies. I will put the link to it in this thread.

And I have to say right up front, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ASKING FOR PUPPIES FROM THIS LITTER. They have all been sold for quite some time, and we have stopped accepting applications. Sorry.

Summer was bred for the first time in August, and as I write this at 7:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, she has just begun Stage I labor. Her temperature dropped this morning to 98掳F, she has stopped eating, and as she lies here on the sofa next to me she is panting and occasionally starts digging in the sofa. That means we can expect puppies within about 24 hours. We think she has 9 puppies on board. Here is her x-ray, and below are copies with helpful drawings on it.

Automotive tire Font Tints and shades Radiography X-ray

Handwriting Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Font

Font Asphalt Urban design Pattern Automotive tire

The first time with a maiden bitch is kind of fraught, but she and the puppies look good, and they seem to be ready to go. You can see in the x-ray that two of them have already positioned themselves for the exit ramp.

Since we just moved I will have to find the puppy camera, so we may not have it up the moment the puppies are born, but as we always do we'll have it up within 24 hours.

I am backing off of the whelping and rearing this time, as Theresa is going to be the Head Honchette going forward, as I transition into retirement. But I will be providing support and will be her Litter Lackey. LOL! Theresa has been doing more and more with each litter lately, and it's time her to run with it, and I will just support her.

These pups will be with us until about the middle of December, and you will be able to follow them via puppy cam the whole time. We just moved and are still figuring things out. But Summer will whelp in our "puppy room," and the litter will be raised there. It is a big room apart from the rest of the house. Theresa will sleep with the puppies for the first 3 weeks (I don't mind not doing that this time!). But by the time they're about five weeks old we'll have the whole room dedicated to the puppies in various ways. Please forgive us if it takes us a few adjustments from time to time.

I think I've posted puppy cam links here for 4 or 5 litters, from Ziva and Khaleesi I think, but no others. For those who remember Ziva's and Khaleesi's litters here, Ziva is Khaleesi's mother, and Khaleesi is Summer's mother, and Summer is having puppies. Ziva is lying at my feet right now. She's going to become a great-grandmother within the next day or so.

Okay, we're on the clock now...
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Dana, thank you for sharing the puppies, it's been so much fun to watch them grow!
I'd love to hear more about your process for puppy pickup. It sounds like puppies all go home over the weekend, but do owners come all at once? Do they have scheduled times over Saturday/Sunday to meet with you one on one when they get their puppy? Do they get to meet Summer or any of your other adults? Do they get to see/observe the rest of the litter? Your other thread asked for registered name ideas. Do the families chose a registered name before taking the puppy home? Are they picking from your list, or can they come up with their own name (within the theme, and other constraints)?
Thank you for taking the time to answer so many questions in this thread, it's been an amazing learning experience!
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