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Our daughter's boyfriend has Hank's brother. They took him to the vet for what appears to be a sty. The vet gave them eye drops but if that doesn't clear it up he'll need surgery, I guess to lance/drain it.

Has anyone experienced this?
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i myself used to get them, i'd put hot compresses on them and after a little while they'd shrink. haven't had one in while, don't know if it is the same in fur babies. good luck
beth, moose and angel
The vet had determined it's not a sty but a cyst. Surgery is scheduled for Monday.
Sorry I missed this before now. My Shelby had a couple of them that looked like a sty but were cysts and she had them surgerically removed twice. Hope his surgery turns out as good as Shelbys. You cant tell she ever had surgery on that one eyelid except when she is tired and one eye looks alittle smaller. But nothing any other time.
Did the cyst come back or did another appear? Is this something he'll be prone to through out his life?
It was a different one that came back. She did really well with the surgery and never even bothered it after the surgery.
Their pup had his surgery yesterday. There were 2, now the vet thinks they might have been tumors (rather than cysts?) and sent them off to a lab.

I would have been asking more questions had it been my dog.
Well wishes for Hanks bro! I hope it all goes well.
The lab report came back clear. Now, the vet thinks it's some sort of bacterial infection or trauma causing these "zits" on his eyelid. They found another yesterday on the other eye. :confused:

Could they be warts? Do dogs get warts?:confused::confused:


Maybe if you google Dogs Eye Diseases you might find something.
What a cute puppy!
I think I would get the puppy to a opthomologist.
Finally after being seen by an Opthomologist, it's been determined that their puppy has a bacterial infection treatable with steroids.
I am glad that the cause was figured out and he is on the road to recovery now.
Bender has/had small eye growths around her eyes. We had them removed twice, the last time there was a fairly big (half a pea) sized one. Anyway the vet didn't take it all out and yup, grew back. She had a hard time with surgery last time and we almost lost her so I'm not about to take that chance again, plus where it is they would have to take part of her eyelid to remove it and she'd have more issues with that...

I figure that if she's still doing puppy tears at 12, she's fine with it.

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