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Stranded Max

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Max has really been on a roll lately. 2 nights ago I let the dogs out to go potty. Apparently, Leif had closed the back deck gate so they could not get into the yard. Ten minutes later, I go to let them in and notice, ah the gate was shut. I look a bit to the left and this is what I see and of course, I take the time to laugh and run back to get the camera. Only after lifting Max down did I realize why he was keeping his legs so still - not the most stable table to be standing on apparently...

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Maybe it's something they can't help but try out? Here's Gus out on our old deck doing the same thing. And I know Maggie's Mom has a picture of Abbie sitting up on the table smiling too.


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Too cute - your doggy looks happier than mine! :D
loll! How cute! I love the look on his face! ''Humm... Can somebody help me down?!'' :p:
Too cute - your doggy looks happier than mine! :D
Yeah, Max looks a little shaky! I think Gus was just proud :)
Gus should be proud!! He's so pretty. I can't wait until Max gets fluffy. Sigh.
Reminds me of a time two years ago. I was putting up Christmas lights on the peak of our roof. Next thing I know, Maggie is out on the porch roof. She had used the cedar chest to climb up and out of the window! Scared me half to death and it took quite a while to get her to climb back in.
LOL.... That's too funny! I've caught Bailey on our kitchen table like that stealing the food the kids forgot to put away when they were done eating.
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