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Stormy Point Goldens, Nancy Cameron

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Well, if you read my other post, the update is that we decided to find another dog. My husband really feels strongly about getting a male. Anyway, I've actually had MUCH more luck this time then I did when I found my initial litter in November. We have what looks like 2 good options, both have boys who would be coming home Jan. 23ish. (Funny thing is that the 24th is my b-day.)

The first is Stormy Point Goldens out of Fredericksburg, VA: We would be getting in Teddy/Kathy boy. She was recommended by a breeder in NC.

The other one doesn't have a website or anything because she only breeds every few years. The K9data for the litter is: said she has more 'field type dogs'. Mom is a deep red and dad is very light. She was recommended by the Potomac Valley GRC.

What we are looking for: a family pet who might be good at agility and obedience-something I'd like to pursue more with this dog. We like the big boned, big, blocky head look with a good, thick coat. However, our #1 and 2 issues are health and temperament.

Thoughts? We go to visit both on Friday. Thanks!!!
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I think the first litter is more likely to give you the big blocky dog you want in terms of appearance.
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