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Stormy Point Goldens, Nancy Cameron

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Well, if you read my other post, the update is that we decided to find another dog. My husband really feels strongly about getting a male. Anyway, I've actually had MUCH more luck this time then I did when I found my initial litter in November. We have what looks like 2 good options, both have boys who would be coming home Jan. 23ish. (Funny thing is that the 24th is my b-day.)

The first is Stormy Point Goldens out of Fredericksburg, VA: We would be getting in Teddy/Kathy boy. She was recommended by a breeder in NC.

The other one doesn't have a website or anything because she only breeds every few years. The K9data for the litter is: said she has more 'field type dogs'. Mom is a deep red and dad is very light. She was recommended by the Potomac Valley GRC.

What we are looking for: a family pet who might be good at agility and obedience-something I'd like to pursue more with this dog. We like the big boned, big, blocky head look with a good, thick coat. However, our #1 and 2 issues are health and temperament.

Thoughts? We go to visit both on Friday. Thanks!!!
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Thanks for your thoughts everyone!!!

We visited both places yesterday. Jan's dogs were nice, very pretty pups. Nancy's dogs were SO well socialized! They were nice looking, but what really got to me was how well developed they were as far as come instinct, retrieving, using the bathroom on newspaper, etc. She had appropriately chosen one or two that she felt would be good in our house and that was spot on! It has truly spoiled me as to what I want in a breeder!!!

Unfortunately, it also really made me realize how important good socialization and exposure was to puppies and we are going to be going out of town for a week in February. My in-laws were going to be coming to stay with our kids and dogs and it wouldn't be fair to show the dog our house with our rules for 2 or 3 weeks, then having the in-law's rules for a week, then back to our rules. I also saw just how important it will be to teach our kids how to be around the puppy, and I didn't feel comfortable asking my in-laws to do that. Honestly, I'm more than a little disappointed because I would have loved one of her dogs!! However, it's best for the dog and for us to wait until March or later.

Anyone know of any dogs in the VA/NC area that you'd recommend?! ;)

We've actually done some research already and have a couple of what appears to be promising leads.:crossfing
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