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Still supervised in the house....

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I guess I'm not really asking for advice since this plan is working great for our family:), but I am wondering how others would or have handled this situation:

Our 8 month old girl spends the bulk of her inside time in the gated kitchen. She gets loads of playtime, walks, trail time, and training time outdoors, as well as many training and play sessions (mostly tug of war) inside. However, she does NOT have the run of the downstairs yet, let alone the entire house. When I take her out of the kitchen, she is ALWAYS on leash, and I only do it when I can be supervising her. This is mainly because we have two sons, 3 and 8, and I would never want anything negative to occur between them and dear Joy. My husband and I especially love bringing her into the living room after the kids have gone to bed, and then she settles down at our feet while we talk or read.

We have a little house, so even if she is in the kitchen and I have to step into the living room or dining room for a few minutes, I am only 6 - 10 feet away!

Does this sound okay to you, veteran Golden owners? :)

When she is in the living room or dining room with us and becomes extra buggy or overexcited, we just calmly take her back to the kitchen and she instantly settles down.

I don't know - it just seems to be keeping EVERYONE - human puppies AND furry puppies - out of mischief!

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Oh yes - forgot to add that she sleeps in our bedroom at night, not in the kitchen!
As long as she is getting plenty of attention from everyone then it sounds ok. Maybe now that she is older, you can try to see how she does with the little ones. Making sure to stay and supervise.
It sounds like its working. At that age, I never left Lucky and my kids in the same room without me supervising. Just like you....I was wary and wanted to avoid something avoidable.

Lucky's most obeyed and best learned command was "go to bed". If I had to leave...even for a minute I'd tell Lucky to go to bed and he'd trot to his crate without a thought. When I came back from doing the laundry or whatever..., I'd let him out. He was in and out of his crate multiple times throughout the day and night.

I suppose I used the crate instead of a gate.

Now that Lucky is 4 years...I know and trust him AND my kids... where I don't have fear about "avoidable" accidents.
Missed this post earlier. It sounds like you have things figured out for your situation. Goldens require a fair amount of exercise and you will be wanting to find some outdoor venues for your pup to release some energy. Preferably something fenced in to begin with. I've found some ball fields and cemeteries that give my boys a chance to stretch their legs.
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