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I agree with everything Kristy just recommended. It also sounds like at this point you might need an objective third party to weigh in… specifically a dog trainer who can come to your home, hear your dog’s history, see his behavior and see how you deal/interact with him. If you haven’t already, you might also reach out to your breeder to get her advice. If she’s a reputable breeder, she knows her dogs and her lines, and has likely raised her share of dogs and puppies. With either person, be as honest as you can about what you’re doing and what you’ve tried. Spend a few days documenting what you’re REALLY doing in terms of exercise, training, and time in a crate. Don’t claim that you’ve “tried” something if you did it once or twice and then gave up. Put aside your ego and accept that there are things you might have done more or better… the trainer will be most able to help you if they have a clear and honest picture.

Hopefully the trainer can give you some good advice and a training, management and exercise plan that at least gives you enough hope to keep working on it. You also need to be honest with yourself about what you are willing and able to do. Raising a puppy is HARD (I’m in the middle of raising my fifth puppy and I am soooo tired, and a bit apprehensive about what challenges might lie ahead). You have a minimum of a year to a year and a half before your pup makes it through adolescence and starts to become the (hopefully) calmer, well trained dog you hope for.

I will also say that if you reach a point where you feel you have to admit defeat, and especially if you feel you just can’t meet your dog’s needs, then sometimes rehoming them is the most loving thing you can do…
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