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Still struggling….

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Hi, I’ve posted here a lot over the past 6.5 months that we’ve had our puppy. She’s 8.5 months old now and hasn’t improved much in her behavior or training. We’ve been trying so hard to keep up with her training, exercise, ect…when do you know enough is enough? How do you know when another family is maybe a better fit?

Part of the problem is our other golden, she bothers him incessantly. We separate them, but the older dog whines to be with me and the puppy can’t be alone without someone watching her as she still eats everything. She has started to want to chew metal and will actually swallow anything she finds. She also wakes up at 4:30 everyday no matter what time she falls asleep…. I know that this is probably adolescence but she’s been this way since she was 8 weeks old! I just don’t know how how much more we can take but the thought of giving her back to the breeder makes me so sad.
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I think part of your issue is her being in the crate all day. Maybe she can go to daycare every day?
I was actually thinking the opposite.😅 I think daycare is contributing to her pestering the older dog. At most daycares, they put the dogs in groups and just let them have a free-for-all play session. Younger dogs don’t play the same way older dogs do. Daycare is a great place to learn bad manners.

Eevee is much higher energy than Rocket and she was crated all day during puppyhood because I worked outside the home back then. She would come bounding out of the crate bursting with energy every day, but I would take that energy and work with it. Sometimes it would be an aerobic exercise session, sometimes it would be a training session. Or maybe a bit of both: We’d work on recalls (regular and drop), controlled retrieves, beginning mechanics of jumping, etc. Things that worked her brain and got her heart rate up.

Rocket was younger back then too, so they did play a lot, but she wasn’t relentless in her pestering of him either.

It also sounds like this dog could use a few good corrections, tbh. She needs to learn what is and is NOT ok in the house.
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