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You've made it this far, you can't quit now. Suppose you tell us what you mean when you say "We've been trying so hard to keep up with her training, exercise etc." I suspect you are still doing the same thing and haven't consistently (every day for two or three weeks) made real changes in your management routine or you'd seem more changes. She is still a puppy and it's going to take another year to make her the dog she can be. Do you attend training classes every single week?

My first reaction is that you most likely are not really doing as much as you think you are. What is the schedule like? Is you puppy sleeping in her crate while you have to work and do chores, what is the structure like for managing the puppy?

Why is the older dog whining to be with you? The puppy should either be on a leash and tethered to your waist or purchase a wire ex pen and pen the puppy in a corner of the main living area so the dog has freedom (which he's earned) and the puppy is still with the family but is safe. We currently have an 19 month old Pointer who I use this method with because he's not allowed to torture my older dogs and is still into mischief if bored and un monitored. We keep the stairs gated off so he can't sneak upstairs to have fun getting into things.

If she wakes up at 4:30, ignore her, use foam earplugs and a noise machine and ignore her. I would cover her crate with a sheet so she can't see you. (she sleeps in a crate at night in your room, right?)

If you are being honest with yourself, is she honestly getting an hour of games and training and an hour of aerobic exercise every day? 6 days of the week is what she needs minimum. Put her in the car and take her places she's never been before and train nice leash walking, use her dinner and her treats. Get her out of the house. Mental work is great. Take the older dog too. This kind of thing will wear her out.
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