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Still Has Ear Problems

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I took Tundra couple of weeks ago to the vet for what turned out to be a yeast infection in his ears. We used the Mometamax for 10 days (ended last Friday) and he improved, but I noticed he started shaking his head again a couple of days after finishing. I had wondered if it could be food related since we had to switch from Canidae (not sold here)....I had put him on Purina Pro Plan which has corn and wheat which might have been the problem and so we switched out to Nutro Holistic which seems to be the closest to Canidae. Today's visit showed he had some bacteria in his ears along with still some yeast although his ear canal wasn't swollen. The vet said...."welcome to the south...I see more goldens with ear problems that have moved here from dry climates" (we moved from WY). Apparently right now ragweed is pretty bad and right before all this started Tundra did have a drippy nose for a day or so (it was very noticeable). Now he's on a wash that has some antibiotic in it and a pill for the yeast for the next 10 days so we'll see if it clears up.
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Poor Tundra...
Hope this round of treatment gets him all squared away.
Poor Tundra! Hope he is feeling better soon!
Noah is on the same rountine this week. It happens once a year so far, had the same thing last year. This year I caught it early, so no antibiotics, just 6 days of ear treatment and cleaning every otherday.
My prior golden used to have constant ear infections. After all the meds and ear washes what worked best was vinegar and water. I would clean her ears every week with a vinegar and water solution and after that no more ear infections. The solution would be 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and I would apply it with cotton or gauze.

After you get this cleared up you may want to try this and see if helps prevent them.
Good Luck!
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