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Stem Cell Transplant for Arthritis

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Has anyone on this board had a stem cell transplant on their arthritic dog using the vet-stem process? Here is the link to the website:
I was at the acupuncture vet with my 12 year old Barkley this afternoon for his monthly acupuncture, chiropractic, massage session with B-12 injections and the vet surprised me by suggesting a stem cell transplant might be good for Barkley. She has two other older retriever patients that have had excellent results from the vet-stem procedure. As it happens our personal vet is certified and we discussed it a few years back but we decided to pursue the acupuncture in lieu of the transplant because Barkley responded so well to the acupuncture treatments. Cost was also a factor in the decision.
If anyone has experience please let me know the extent of your dog's arthritis before and your experiences/opinions during the procedure and after. I'd also like the age of the dog when the procedure was done.
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