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Hi, my 5 year old was just diagnosed last July, does anyone have any experience with that? Is there a treatment? The Vets here tell me nothing can be done except keeping him in his good condition and giving pain medication when needed. I'm heartbroken looking at my beautiful strong boy not being able to use his backlegs for jumping anymore..........
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I'm sorry you are going through this but I'm not familiar with the problems you are having.
I'm sorry your dog suffers from this. It is painful to watch our dogs suffer. My 12 year old has episodes of it from time to time. It generally affects his shoulders and back. When he has an episode we limit his activity, give him anti-inflammatories and pain meds as needed and wait for some relief. Some vets will prescribe steroids or give steroid injections, but our guy doesn't react well to them. Acupuncture may help if you have access to a canine acupuncturist.
My old guy Bailey has it. He came to us with it almost seven years ago,. He's probably 13-15 now. At first we gave him glucosamine,, Glycoflex III then added Metacamabout three years ago, and in this past year Tramadol as well. He does have hip dysplasia and luxating patella's too( have been fixed, but gone again). But, he still jumps! Unless we anchored him he will jump...and it obviously hurts him, he suffers for a day, but still does it. Just now he jumps to eat pears...despite us picking all the lower ones to stop him. He jumps into the car too...will not use a ramp, and hates to be lifted unless he's really sore.

I think the important things are to keep weight down, and keep him moving...Bailey until this year was still walking several miles twice a day. Now just strolls of one or two miles, but still more than many dogs his age. Sometimes he just sits down and stays put!! Time to go home.

I had another rescue with it, his was worse, much younger. It's like arthritis in people, hits each dog differently. You'll probably notice good days and bad. Swimming seems hard for Bailey, and he is very stiff after a swim. Otherwise swimming is a good activity because its not weight bearing. Cold water bothers him too, but he favors cold floors. You might notice his back swinging as he walks because the discs are fused. The more it fuses the more he'll sway.

I'm sorry he has it, it does hurt..but my experience with Bailey has been the more I keep him active the better he is. A day at the vets where he anxious and in a kennel he's stiff and sore for a few days. It certainly hasn't held him back or shortened his life.
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I havent heard of it but it looks like CamsMom has given you some great information. Good luck!!
Thank you all, I have Askur on Glucosamine and a homopathic remedy, and I keep him fit and trim, but after tracking and swiming I have to give him some Rimadyl because otherwise he limps. I just hate seeing a 5 year old looking and acting as a 12 year old:bawling: But I am still thankful for having him, and yes I there are good days and bad days. For us it seems to hold hands with the weather a bit, cold and rain are worse.

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