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Spirit got his ears trimmed

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OK puppy fuzz is cute, but he's turning five months so it's time to look like a real German Shepherd and not a fur ball! ;)

I only have cell phone pics. My camera cord is in the other room and I don't want to wake up DH. So these sucks! But you get the idea- GSD ears, not furry puffy things!

Oh, and one of Brooklyn sneaked in there :)


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Ah, he looks like a big boy now, I liked his puppy furry ears! He is a handsome GSD.
Jenna, I think the ears look good but you really need to find yourself a good cheap point and shoot to do these dogs justice. I'll bet you can find one for less than$50. If that doesn't work PM me and I'll mail you my old 7.1MP camera. :)
Spirit looks great. I waited a long time to trim the fuzz of ears too. Just didn't want them to grow up. Fuzzy puppy ears are cute.
I have never trimmed Diesel's ears. I am a fluff fan and love his ears!!

Diesel at 6 months old. He grew into his fluff!

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What a cutie!
Spirit is becoming a big boy! How bitter-sweet!
That picture of baby Diesel is adorable :)
Oh the fluff is cute!! I am just... me. LOL

I hate ear fluff on Goldens, too.
Aw, he's starting to look like a big boy now. :)

(And Lisa, that shot of Diesel is too cute for words.)
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