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Spaying my 1.7 year old retriever

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Any tips on how i should care for my girl? She will be getting spayed in an hour and i am a tad concerned about the post op care since she is quite bubbly and just can't stay quite
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I hope they sent you home with painkillers for the next few days. The vet is right about the whining and uneasiness right now - it likely is her coming out of the anesthesia. But once all the numbing and anesthesia wear off, that wound and her insides are going to hurt for a few days and she will need pain management.

When she starts to feel better, that's when you have to be really careful about keeping her quiet. The stitches can tear and her insides are not at all healed yet. My vet says two weeks of quiet, and if my memory is correct, it was only outdoors on leash for bathroom breaks for the first four days or so. Then a slow 5 minute walk for a couple of days, 10 minutes for a few days, then 20 minutes by the end of the two week period. All on leash. No running, no playing, no jumping up onto the bed (I pulled the mattress down to the floor) and I put a cushion in front of the couch so she could step up onto it. It's two weeks that feels like an eternity, because they so start to feel better, but for their own health and healing, you really do need to keep them quiet. My girl was practically swinging from the chandeliers from the end because she had so much pent up energy, but it was more important for her to heal well. I bought her lots of yummy, messy bones and set her up on towels to give her something to do.

Oh, mine was also a wound licker, so she had to wear the cone the whole time. And she was fine with it. So definitely keep the cone on until the stitches are out if your dog is one to lick at it. Good luck!
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