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Spay and Neuter day!

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Starlite, Crystal (new shelter pull from yesterday, the happy, healthy one!), and Casey (was Lindsay, the Cobb Co GA Golden mix) are all getting spayed/neutered today.

Send good thoughts. I'm sure they'll be okay... but I worry!

Jade, the starved GSD, is much better today- walking around, wagging at me. She likes Rigby and she is good with my kitty! She has a good appetite, and the antibiotics are already helping her face to heal. Sweet girl. She's not ready to meet the big crazy dogs yet, but soon. She dominated Spirit like a typical female who has had a litter.

So, life's good!
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Yay! I'm so happy to hear the update on your pack :) I have a feeling you will have a lot of drowsy/lazy dogs the next few days
God I hope so! LOL

Casey is going to her new owners, so I don't have her anymore. But I will enjoy a mellow Starlite and Crystal!
Just two. One of which should be adopted quickly :)
Keeping the pups in our prayers today. Please let us know how they make out.
My prayers are with your crew today on their surgery. Do they give you a group rate for all of them. I cant wait to see pictures of Jade once she is all filled out with love and good food.
Jade can't get spayed yet. Maybe in a couple weeks!

They do the 2nd pet free in October! That's a good thing. I've paid for SEVEN animals to get altered this month! lol
Best wishes for a speedy recovery of all your crew Jenna! :) I am sure they will all do wonderfully, but it still is worrisome!:smooch:
I hope this all goes smoothly and they recover in record time.:);):p:
I am assuming all is well- surgeries are done by 2 and if one died I think they'd call! I go get my two and meet Casey's owners to take her at 4!
Just two. One of which should be adopted quickly :)
Wow, you have a big family! :p:
All those furry kids and the baby :D
Everyone did well! Pics soon.
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