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So I took Sam to a puppy mill store...

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I have literally been to every pet store in my good sized city looking for a shedding comb that wasn't the furbuster or whatever that is. So I finally broke down and went to PetLand which is known to be a puppy mill store. After laughing at how much stuff was over priced I found the shedding comb. As I was checking out a lady and her daughter were in line behind me that just bought a female golden puppy. She asked if Sam was a golden and I said ya, hes 8 months. Her jaw dropped and said "what have I got myself into" So I reassured her that Goldens were hands down the best breed and told her that it would be perfect for her daughter (she looked about 8) and I could tell it made her feel a little better. Hopefully it won't be another dog that ends up on craigslist because I'm already wanting a buddy for Sam.
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You might also want to look at - I have been really pleased w/ them and their prices.

Hopefully you and Sam have saved a golden w/ your comments to the lady at the store - why don't people research a breed before buying "a cute puppy"?
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