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Apparently snowmen don't belong in the yard according to my girl, this was a couple weeks ago at 6 /12 months old! Her chocolate lab buddy gave her some courage at the end lol.
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That is just TOO CUTE for words!!:p:
That was adorable! I love the uh-oh moment when she knocked the snowman over LOL :D
LOL! That was too cute! :D Thank you for the laugh!
That was just so funny!!! Brave girl to take on the snowman.
That is such a hilarious video!
That was perfect!!!!!!! What a brave & beautiful girl!!!!!
Loved it! Your girl looks a lot like my boy.
That was so cute....we are so building a snowman (if we get enough snow) this winter. I think Chester would act the same way.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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