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Its probably not cancer but I always get the vet to check anything new. Better safe than sorry and you can quit worrying about it if they say it is nothing.

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I have had my own dog since I got my first for my 11 th birthday way back in 1956.They include many English Setter, 2 Irish Setters, 6 golden retrievers and 4 Great Pyrenees. My first Irish just showed up at my house, no collar, no chips, nothing and I had him 8 years. He was the first for me to find a lump on and I rushed him right to the vet. Nothing but a cyst. Many years later I found an odd looking place on the 'thigh" of my golden, Honey. What it looked like was a "deflated skin balloon". Only way I can describe it. I took her, my vet didn't think it was anything to worry about, but decided to remove it and send it in for test. Report came back, Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor, no clean edges. So he operated on her leg and removed a much larger section and it came back clean edges.

We ahd adopted her, heart worm positive at age 1 1/2-2 years old and she had endless energy. Well, she managed to bust open the center of the incision about a week after surgery. The ends had healed. My vet decided it would be best to let it heal from the inside out, so didn't sew it back up. She had not licked it before, but he was sure she would now that it was open and we put cone on her. it healed nd afte a time you could not even find the scar. We had her a total of 12 years, about 6 or 7 more after that ttumor was removed and it never came back.
I always have any lumps checked and most time they were nothing. In fact, that is the ONLY time it was cancer. But I just couldn't take a chance and was alwasy so thankful I didn't.

This is Honey's leg when it was healing after she had busted open the 2ed incision to remove the MCT
Good luck

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