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Slicker brush questions

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I just got a slicker brush today. After a couple of swipes down Mojo I knew I was in love.

Questions, though.

1. Does it hurt them at all? I ran the brush down my arm to see how much it hurt... and it HURT. If I just use normal brushing pressure would it not go through both coats? I don't want to scratch their skin. Mojo didn't seem to mind... in fact, he seemed to really like it.

2. Can you overuse it? I noticed it took a lot of fluffy fur out... I know the Furminator can be overused.

3. Does it damage the coat at all? After I finished brushing him he felt SO AMAZINGLY SOFT.

4. Should I use it before or after his normal pin brush? Does it matter?

5. Should I not use it when he's wet?

6. Are there any parts of him I SHOULDN'T use it on? Feathers or ears or something?

Sorry so many. :doh: Thanks in advance!!
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Thanks everyone!! I LOOOOOVE the slicker brush. I think brushing Mojo releases endorphins or something because I get this very happy, calm and relaxing feeling when I do it. He absolutely loves it too. :D
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