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I posted a few months back about my two year old bitch and her allergies. Since my last visit here, she was put on apoquel and seemed to be doing well with little to no issue. However, she stopped taking the tablets and was spitting them out when we disguised them so I thought I’d try a break from them thinking that maybe the issue might be better now it’s not summer.

After a month or so she started getting these scabs that I’d feel under her fur while stroking her. I’ve just seen another post here about ichthyosis and I admit some of those pictures I found in google do match the flaky skin, but hers seems a bit more scabby alongside the flaky bits. The scabs didn’t seem too bad at first but then she started biting/itching them and they were starting to look a bit raw. She’s also got a sore on the side of her mouth/chin area that she’s scratched with her hind leg and made bleed a few times over the past few weeks and she’s licked the fur almost completely gone around her rear end under her tail. I’ve put her back on apoquel 4 days ago and I haven’t seen her scratch since. But this evening I’ve noticed when she was on her back that the skin on the inside of her leg has been chewed at and it’s raw. With the mouth sore and the rear end licking, I’m wondering if the food she’s having is the issue now as that’s were the food touches. She’s already on Wainwrights hypoallergenic, grain free food and I thought she was doing well on this.

I’ve found a food called Diamond naturals that seems to be rated well but I can’t find many reviews that refer to our dog’s issue. Are there any other golden parents here that have managed a skin issue with a food change? Obviously I’ll keep up the apoquel along side the food.

I think I’ve attached a couple of photos.. not really sure how this works!


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