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Simba and Nala are together now...

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Hi, this is my Simba bear, my little lion, lick monster, fluffy butt. He's a Golden Retriever/Chow mix and the best cuddler you could imagine. My heart hurts because he is now gone shortly after his sister, Nala left us. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few days after she had passed, and he was hospitalized a month later. I was so thankful he made it through, and came home. He was such a happy puppy again. He was wagging his tail more than I had ever seen with so much energy. I thought I would have more time but one day he laid down and wasn't able to get himself up anymore. His kidneys were stable, but this time he had something neurological really affecting him and he wasn't all there anymore. There was nothing else I could do and I had to say good bye to him too. It hurts in such a different way, but equally as painful. He would have been 13 in October.

Simbees was honestly the best dog I could have ever asked for. His personality was the total opposite to Nala that they balanced each other so well. He deserved the absolute world, and I hope we provided that to him. I rescued Simba when he was approximately a year old, and the first time I laid eyes on him on FB, I immediately knew he was my Simba. I got to him as quickly as I could, and I'm so glad I did because he was on the euthanization list. The shelter posted about him saying who ever adopted him would be winning the doggy lottery - and they were 100% right. He was so funny, sweet, and so well behaved that I never had to worry about him doing something naughty. If something was in his path he wouldn't cross it until someone moved it, never laid on furniture (even though I wanted him to!), was so gentle, and ABSOLUTELY LOVED giving kisses. Hence the lick monster nickname! He loved cuddling and he would trap you with his body weight so you couldn't leave and had to give him all the love. I loved it. His bear hugs were the best and so warm. I still feel it.

A couple of days before he passed, we laid outside together on a beautiful Sunday morning just taking in the sounds of the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun and nice cool breeze. I felt he would be leaving us soon, and I treasure that morning with all my heart. I wanted to share his gentle soul with you all and let you all know I did win the doggy lottery and I'll always be grateful he rescued me too.

The moment I knew he was my Simba.

The night he came home.

The day Simba and Nala became best friends.

Simba wondering what's the hold up on the cake.

One of his many love traps.

Simbees being Simbees.

Sleeping lion.

Getting the clear to finally come home from the hospital.

Wondering why I'm taking a photo instead of putting on his socks.

I love you my fluffy bear. Please give Nala hugs and kisses from me.

I will see you both again and shower you with a lot of love and kisses. 💙

10.28.2010 - 5.9.2023 💕
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I'm so sorry for you - to lose not 1 but 2 dogs in such quick succession is really horrible. I can't imagine the immense pain you're going through. Simba is wonderful dog. He really embodied the golden personality even if he wasn't a purebred golden - one can see that from your words and pictures.. you gave him a wonderful life and I'm sure he had immense gratitude to you for everything you gave him.. sending you lots of hugs and love and wishing you peace in the coming days 😔 Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful story of Simba....
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