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Silly Picture

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At work I have a rotating background on my computer mostly pictures of my dogs. This one came up and made me laugh. Ok so it is not Christmas but still. The disgust on Belle's face for being "dressed up", the way the elf ears on Max matches her coat, and then Teddi's expression. We got her on 12/10 2006. HEE HEE!!


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Too cute!!
Awww that is such a cute picture!!!
sooo cute!
Just think, blink twice and it will be Christmas again already...
Those ears really do match her coat, they almost look like her own!
What a great picture.
I love that picture.
Your dogs are so patient. Okay the puppy is just silly, but the other 2 put up with a lot of 'stuff' ;)

Very cute. And shocker: it's only 3 months and a couple of weeks until Christmas.
OMG, I *LOVE* it!!

I am a Christmas FREAK. My favorite time of year/holiday/season... My Christmas stuff goes up the beginning of November, LOL!

They are all so adorable! We were at Petsmart today and I was trying on different Halloween hats on my Max... she didn't mind. I couldn't even get NEAR Mojo with one, LOL!!
Max's elf ears made me laugh out loud (at work)! :D I really needed a laugh today, thank you very much!!!
Ok Another Silly Picture

Queen Maxine!!! HRH Queen of the WORLD!!!!


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At first she HATED this costume but after the first couple "she's so CUTE!!!" she learned to LOVE it.

She did come in 3rd in a costume contest and was featured in a radio station calendar.
AWWWW! She IS adorableeeee!!

She has that "I'm totally gonna eat a pair of your socks" look on her face, though. LOL!!
Cute pics! I could never dress my guys. They'd have it off as soon as I had it on them. Sam would leave sunglasses on for a short while though, not Ike.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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