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Thanks everyone for these comments. Oliver is on a probitiotic (not Forti FLora) and antacid daily so when he's done with this box, I will probably get more Forti Flora. I have an appointment at CSU Internal Medicine first week of February, which is obviously a long ways out. I will call other places but I don't want to waste our money at multiple specialists and taking it as a good sign that they're hard to get into.

He's been on cerenia for the past week so we could get him through Thanksgiving travel and his appetite returned like normal. Tomorrow will be his first day without them again, so we'll see how it goes. We spent the whole week with my family, he was on cerenia and was totally normal (lively, playful, happy). However when we got home last night and entered our house, he immediately started lick lipping/gagging and showing signs of nausea which he hadn't done all week. Maybe just remembering he kept getting sick here?

I just want him to feel better. He's spent so much of his little life sick (and I spend so much of mine worrying about him).

EDIT: His test for addisons and atypical addisons came back negative.
When they did the x-rays did anyone look at his esophagus? I had a boy with Megaesophagus. Megaesophagus will show up on x-rays as a dilation of the esophagus. It takes an experienced vet to look for it. He would lip lick, gag, cough. He wouldn't eat or drink water. He would throw up entire meals 8 hours after eating them. Dogs with ME can eat canned food, or food that is blended to be milkshake consistency, better then kibble. They can't drink water without a risk of vomiting and aspiration. For him I put the water in his food. I also elevated food and water bowls so that he was eating and drinking at the proper angle. He was given metoclopramide 10 mg 3 times a day before meals. He was fed blended kibble three times a day, smaller more frequent meals are better. He did very well once we figured out exactly what worked for him. He also took prilosec 20 mg twice a day and a pepcid ac twice a day.

I have been hesitant to respond to this thread, but it does sound like ME could be relevant. I do want to say that my boy was 8 when diagnosed with ME. He lived a good quality of life for many years after the diagnosis. It is a lot of work to manage, but his quality of life was very good until the end. Google and facebook groups will scare you to death if you look into ME, but some of the information is very helpful. Just remember that I had a dog that lived a great life for many years with it and it is not the reason we ultimately lost him. If ME was his only problem I could have managed it forever once I had the routine down and the right meds. The meds were also not expensive.

I'm not going to go into a ton of detail because this could be irrelevant, but if you find out it's ME please feel free to message me. I would be glad to share what I learned. (boy did I learn)
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