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Sick and Sluggish after rabies shot??

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Hey all, got a question. My 15 month old was given a rabies vaccine two days ago and ever since she has not been the same. ALOT less energetic. Also, we cant get rid of fleas Frontline doesn't work at all and the Rx something worked for two weeks and they come back. Started feeding here a tablespoon of natural yeast and them have vanished. Wondered if the yeast might have something to do with it. Thanks in advace
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I would call the vet & make them write it in the chart anyway. If by chance you have a problem after the next one you could possibly get a OK not to have the shots every 3 years (or one yr depending on state) They say the shots are good for 15 years anyway according to titers. Hopefully states will catch up with the news & we won't have to constantly vaccinate our dogs with uneeded vaccines.
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