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Sawyer is just under six months and I have been taking him everywhere and socializing all the time. In the past couple of months he has started shying away from certain people. At first I thought it was tall men with dark hair, then I thought it was people he met at dark. The other day we were walking in the park and there was a lady sitting on a bench reading a book, she didn't approach him or talk to him just read her book. Sawyer started to walk backwards and I encouraged him and told him he was okay, and he walked in a big circle to get past her. The next person we came across he was more than eager to greet.

I am hoping you all have some words of wisdom as I am completely baffled :gotme:
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Make sure you don't use the word "okay" when your pup is backing up--otherwise you could be reinforcing the shyness behavior, which is what you don't want. All pups go through various fear stages the first two years of their life--some in varying degrees. Don't make a big deal--"let's go!" and just move on, or if it's something to be explored, "let's go see" especially if it's a person who wants to say hello. I'd actually stay away from the words "it's ok" because depending on the timing, if you reward him for being shy, well, he'll just amp up the shyness (IMHO).
I agree. Puppies do go through phases like that. I always tell mine in a really excited voice oh let's go see, let's go see. I want them to think that this thing or person that they are shying away from is really cool and that we should investigate.
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