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Should I be worried?: Picky eater or something wrong

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Hi guys!

Jack is 10 months old. When he was a pup he would scarf down his food and would get really excited at meal times. He is now supposed to get about 4+ cups a day of his Royal Canin Maxi 32 puppy food but we are lucky if he eats 1-3. Sometimes he will just pick up one or two pieces and then walk away, other times a cup and a half and sometimes nothing at all. His stool is normal and he is regular so I don't think there is any blockage. He is not lethargic at all and still plays with his toys like crazy. We feed him twice a day after walks. Also, if I mix in rice or chicken he has no problems eating it all but I don't have time to make it every day so I stopped 3 or 4 weeks ago (I used to add it o ce and awhile to mix it up). Could it be that he is being a picky eater, or that he is bored with his food, or should we take him in to the vet. Thank you for any advice you can provide. If he doesen't start eating more soon I think we will take him to the vet anyway this weekend.
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Are you going by the bag? The "4+ cups" ? ... Because that sounds like a LOT to me.

He's eating quite a bit, still... 3 cups... It doesn't really sound like you should be too worried, because he IS eating it.

Also, at 10 months I think he should probably be on adult food. Puppy food is PACKED with calories.

How much does he weigh?

I didn't read the rice part... that MAY have made him a picky eater. People on the forum like the 15 minute rule... food down for 15 minutes and then if he doesn't eat it/done eating it, it's picked up and saved for later.

(ETA: Both of mine get 2 cups a day. Mojo is almost 7 months old and Maxie is 9 months old. Max is actually a little on the pudgy side, so we are very strict about hers.)
I think you may be offering him too much food. I think maybe he should be switched to adult food..and only get a cup to a cup and half 2xs a day. Also, if you were givinghim chicken mixed in and now you arent he may be holding out for the "good stuff". He will not starve himself. This is my opinion, Im sure others with much more knowledge will answer too. good luck!
He weighs about 55-60 pounds but it has been about a month since we weighed him last. He is definately on the lean side. Our vet said he is just a longer, leaner dog. We do leave his food down for 15-20 minutes each time. Maybe I'll look at the bag again. I'm pretty sure for his age and weight it said to give him 4 cups but I will definately check again. Thanks!
I am sure the advice above is much better. But something to consider that happened with us. Luck started getting picky with his food. Then flat out stopped eating. Turned out he was having a real hard time eating that little kibble. So I switched to a food (had to anyways) with a bigger kibble and he has had no problems.
Coby, my 11-year-old male, has always been a picky eater. Sure, if I mix in rice and chicken, no problem, he'll scarf it down. But, like you, I can't always do that for him. Over the years, I've tried changing his food, and that worked for a while, but eventually he'd pick at the new food, too. Vet says he's fine, weight is steady, and he seems happy.

If you are concerned, by all means have him checked out. But, if all other indicators are normal, my guess is, he's fine. Also, I agree with the other poster, 3 cups/day seems like a good amount.

Good luck!
I dont think you should go by what it says on the bag...I think its way too much to feed a dog. I hope others chime in on that...but that is what I have heard.
I wouldn't go by the bag. The portions they say are usually WAY too much... probably to sell more food.

It never hurts to get checked out by the vet, but you said his attitude and play and poops haven't changed... so he might just get full from all the food OR he's becoming pickier.
On the site that I'm looking at, it says for a 55lb dog between 8-12 months, 5 cups.


LOL that's like... OVER what BOTH of mine get in a day!!
Wow, thanks everyone for the quick and great responses. Sounds all around like 4 cups is way too much. Poor little bugger probably takes one look at that giant heap of food and gets overwhelmed, LOL! I'm going to cut back to 3 a day and see how that goes. Thanks again! Everyone's advice was helpful and has put me at ease, which will benefit him
too ;)
:D I'm glad I could finally help someone else out! LOL. Seems like since I've been here I've always been the one needing help. :D
Also, at 10 months I think he should probably be on adult food. Puppy food is PACKED with calories.
Just to clarify, your comment isn't necessarily wrong, but it is definitely outside the mainstream of vet recommendations for feeding a large breed puppy. Most vets will recommend LBP food until 18 or even 24 months so the pups get the right nutrients but don't grow too fast.

Also, most mainstream brands don't have a significant difference in calories between standard LBP food and Adult food. LBP food tends to be a little less calorie-dense than regular puppy food so the puppies grow more slowly. The main difference is the balance of nutrients.

For example, Eukanuba LBP is 362 cal/cup and their regular Large Breed Adult formula is 349 cal/cup—not a big difference (3.7% more in the LBP). The Premium Performance adult food we have Comet (23 months old) on, however is 431 cal/cup (19% more).

Non LBP food, though, is absolutely packed with calories. Euk's regular puppy blend, for example, is 463 cal/cup. Yikes!
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