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Hello all,
my sister is coming down in Jan and I was planning on getting some stuff with her. Stuff I won't get here in India easily. So i need recommendations (brand wise) for the following stuff. Also please include any other must have articles for a golden's care :)
1. Dremel (cordless or corded?) or is Pedipaws a better alternative?
I have a Dremel cordless Mini Mate 750
2. Kong toys? or any other brand?
Neither of my dogs cared for Kongs,
3. Scissors, clippers for grooming
Both my scissor and thinning shear are Millers Forge.
4. How is Mirra Coat?Any other alternative. Any joint supplements?
Can't help you here. I've never use supplements for my pets.
5. Some good shampoo/conditioner?
I like the Pet Head Shampoos. I don't use conditioners.

Answers in bold.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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