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In the last couple of weeks, Jesse has decided that it's okay to whinge or whine to try to get what she wants, and it's starting to drive me mad!! I am wondering if it co-incides with me increasing my work days by 1 each week because I can't think of anything else. We have had issues in the past with her whining at the back door to come in, and we always ignore her and only let her in once she is quiet or has gone into her kennel. While this had been working well, now she seems to be whining whenever we let her out, when anyone leaves the house (even if others are still home), when she's bored, when she wants to play, when we are on the get the point. What do I do?!? She gets two walks each day with at least 1 hour of that off lead with others dogs to play with, and a couple of brief training sessions as well as play time in the house or backyard so I think she's getting enough exercise. Is there a command I can teach her to stop whining, or do I just need to ignore it?

Thanks in advance for any advice you have
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