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She truly takes my breath away!

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this photo truly tells a story....this couple had come for an interview when I had the 2 little girls still available, young family twin boys, each boy fell in love with a different puppy. They knew I choose what puppy goes where. While I was speaking with the parent's, dad had his phone and was snapping random pics...he caught this one of Adi & Aiden (one of the twins)..........I can almost talk for her " don't worry little guy..whatever puppy you get she shall be lovely"

I truly cannot get over this girl!!!!!!!!!! She has blessed me in more ways than I can even explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for those who have met her, she is almost human!!!!!!!:) My very precious Adi girl :smooch:


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She's beautiful. Great pic.
TOO TOO precious. Yes, these canine souls have much to teach us. She is lovely Heather, and the love you have for her pours out of your words.
Adi sounds like Selka. Like they know exactly how you are feeling and what you are thinking. I look into his big brown eyes and he puts his head up in my chest.... he has saved my life. That's why he was such a wonderful therapy/hospice dog.
Awww, how sweet! What a great picture the dad caught! Glad he shared and you did too!
Aww...turn it into a painting using Fotosketcher. I'll be the people will love it. FotoSketcher is point and click.

Here is a quick one for you, but while creating it what I saw while zooming is priceless...


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Sticky sweet picture. That boy needs himself a puppy!
What a beautiful picture... :)
beautiful!!!!!!!!! its moments like these we have to run with......this photo has given me such appreciation today of all we may not see the blink of an eye
Sticky sweet picture. That boy needs himself a puppy!
and he does!!!!!!!!!!! Lil Sophie joined them today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Kimm: I love what you did with the pic of the pupy and that little boy
and I'm so glad to hear Arcane that the family adopted that adorable little girl Adi!!!!!
lol....they adopted Sophie, although everyone tries to steal*MY Adi* as a package deal!!!!!!
Wow, that pic is amazing Heather, that special girl Adi never stops amazing people
what a beautiful photo. It's simply classic!
I'll bet she was whispering in his ear and reassuring him that all would be well.
What a wonderful girl Adi is and what a happy pair of boys you have made!
Aww - I love captures like this - so special!
A beautiful picture and I am sure he is glad he got his puppy! Arcane you have such beautiful pups!
oh wow, brings tears to your eyes....that Adi is most definitely an angel in disguise
Beautiful pic of those 2!! Adi is such a sweetie!
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