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Our sweet Maximus, who will be turning 1 year on April 12th, was a DREAM puppy for us. I read a lot of stories on here about puppy problems, and for a lot of them, I was so glad we never experienced any of those issues. My friends joke that I should never get another puppy because Maximus was/is so easy. They said it's like kids - if the first on is easy, the second is a terror. :)

Fast forward to today...and I found an indention in the wall when I came home from lunch where he has scraped it with his paws. (There was incriminating evidence on his nails...) He didn't scrape through the drywall, but it's definitely going to take some spackle to fix it.

My husband left town on business yesterday afternoon, which he doesn't do often. Maximus acts a little different when he's not around. Last night he was very alert at noises when it was time to go to bed. He was growling and low barking. (He sleeps on his bed in our bedroom with the door closed.) I had to let him check the house once before he would settle down. So I'm assuming that since my husband is away, he thinks he needs to protect me?

Do you have a guess as to why he acted out this morning? I can't reason any right now, probably because I'm still so disappointed.
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