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Separating Fat from Protein

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Ok! Rocky has finally settled down. :) Today is the first day w/o scratching/biting (so far) and his dermatitus is much better. It took 7 days of returning to Natural Balance SP&F after having fed him Instinct Rabbit for 4-5 days. As I posted in another thread, Natures Variety assures me that the newly opened bag of Instinct Rabbit was ok from a manufacturing standpoint. They say Rocky probably just developed an allergy or intolerance. This may be true but I find it hard to believe that he is doing great on Instinct Rabbit for 2+ months and then he gets itchy 3 days after eating from a new bag. We know Rocky is very allergic to chicken and Instinct Rabbit has chicken fat in it. I am wondering if this particular bag of Instinct got more than the ususal amount of chicken protein mixed in with the fat?

Anyone have a boy/girl who is allergic to chicken but can successfully eat kibble with chicken fat?
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www.pawschoice carries the Acana. Also shipping is minimal to free depending on the amount bought. I have had trouble finding the Acana in stock recently though.
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