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Hello everyone,
I am looking to add a golden retriever to my life and would like to know if anybody has some breeder recommendation either in Ontario or Quebec (In Canada). It will be my first-dog and would like to have as much as possible a obedient and good personality with a good genetic.

Do you have also a list (can be send in a private DM) of breeders that you would not recommend? Many thanks馃檪

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You may be able to find a breeder that titles their dogs in obedience, but you will have to put in the time for a well trained dog.

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I moved your thread into the Choosing a GR Breeder and puppy section so you would have more views and replies.

I would suggest contact the Golden Retriever Club of Canada for a breeder referral while you're waiting for members to provide referrals.

If you use the Forum's search feature, you can do a Search for Breeders in Canada, several threads will come up you can read through.

Good luck with your search.
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