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Scout got spayed - question...

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So, Scout got spayed about a week and a half ago. She did not come home with a cone and was doing great. I was telling everyone how great she was doing, no licking or itching. It was impossible though to keep her from jumping or running as she is just 6 months old. Well, Friday we got home from work (she is in the crate all day but we have someone take her out and walk and play with her 2 times a day) and I looked at her incision and 2 of the staples were missing and it was pretty red. To make a long story short, we took her to the vet Friday night and they gave her a cone to wear and antibiotics. She is the most unhappy puppy and just wants out of this cone. Does anyone else have experience with this? They told us we have to keep it on for 5 days...I don't know how that is possible...
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