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Hi all...I just wanted to share some photos from our holidays. Our pup Freddie is 1 in November (I can't quite believe it) and we've had so much fun over the summer. There are a few non-dog ones because Scotland is so completely beautiful so I had to share....

Hope you enjoy the pics...


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Lovely photos and gorgeous pups looks like you all had a great time.
Beautiful pup and photos!!
Beautiful fotos !
Beautiful pup! The scenery is gorgeous.
gorgeous dogs and gorgeous scenery
looks like you had nice weather too ;)
Great pictures! Looks like you had a good time. Your pups are gorgeous.
Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! :)
Great pics, I'm sure you all had lots of fun :)
Great pics - looks like you all had a great hols - where abouts in Scotland did you go?
Great that you and your pups got to visit their motherland. Love the pictures that is a very beautiful country.
The scenery pics are mostly from the Cairngorm mountains in Aberdeenshire. My husband is from Dundee (further south than there) and we've since decided to move to scotland in around two years! The dogs had a blast, and I just fell in love with how wild it was. I've been looking for a change of pace for a while now, and this seems to to fit really well.

Re the homeland - I did want to go a bit further north west to go to the Loch Ness area, but we decided that we'd do it next time we're up. I have to say the second picture of my older dog with the purple heather around her is probably the best picture of her - she looks majestic and in my mind like she's the final piece to a puzzle I didn't know I was completing...very happy times!
I used to live near Loch Ness. Must agree, goldens and heather is a beautiful mix!! :D
Fabulous pics! Thanks for sharing!
wow - what a lovely place! The Pud and I would love to visit some day. :)
Awesome pictures and gorgeous dogs! My Mother-in-Law is from Scotland and still have yet to visit...its #1 on my list though. :crossfing
Beautiful pictures!!!! I would love to visit Scotland one day.
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