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Scout is going through a "scared" phase. It's so cute to me. Noah never really had this. He was only scared to push open closed doors. Scout does the walk behind me and peek out from behind my legs and wants me to "introduce" him...hold his paw thing.

How do I make sure I don't turn him into a big baby? If something scares him he runs to me for comfort...and I of course eat it up. But I don't want to give him a complex. I've started to walk with him to investigate things.

It's so funny that all of the sudden he is this way. I wonder why this happens.
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Most of my goldies(except for Tango) have gone through this phase, and it IS endearing and cute BUT. . . I gave my dog Raleigh a lifelong fear of Mylar balloons by seriously overdoing the comfort and kisses. Finn and Tally know the phrase "It's FUNNY", and they will go and investigate when they hear it. Some people were out testing ground water in the rain on one of our woods walks, and their open umbrellas looked like huge mushrooms growing out of the shoreline becuase they were completely bent over. Tally was leery and sppoked- but hearing It's Funny" he got up his courage to go sniff and investigate. He was all wags about ten seconds later.
Ike is still very leery of things that seem out of place..a trashcan where it had not been before, new lawn ornaments, etc. He approaches it gingerly and will sniff, pull back quickly, and sniff again until he's comfortable with it being where it is. He's always done this. Sam never did this. My 2 have been so very different. Their only similarity is that they are Goldens. :)
All of my dogs will give snowmen the eye- I am not sure why except they are so tall and weird - snow wearing human clothing
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