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Scared of getting into and out of the car

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Bella is just over 12 weeks old. I have had her a little over 5 weeks. I have always taken her for walks out in the country that I must drive to. She hates getting near the car. I have to pick her up and place her in the car. She is perfectly fine once she gets inside the car and out of it. She just lays down in the seat and goes to sleep after a few mins. Anyone have any recommendations for getting her to not be scared of getting into a car? I have tried feeding her treats to get her to go near the car (doesn't work), and I give her treats once inside the car for her sitting still in the seat.
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I think given some time, she'll get over it. She's just a baby so it may look very scarey from her eye level. It's her instinct to not go near scarey things.

Since she's fine and VERY comfortable once she gets in, I think she'll be fine by the time she's a few more months old. It's all part of 'learning' the big world and socializing her.

Congratulations on your puppy. Pictures? Especially sleeping on the car seat. That must look really cute!
I dont think that is a bad thing. Its good that your dog has an inate fear of cars from the outside that can do them a lot of harm. My dog, who loves car rides, seems to know that he should get out of the way when a car is backing up in a driveway etc.
She should get better in time. Make it fun to get in with treats and hopefully she will get better as she ages.
Have you tried a ramp? It may be easier to try and get her to walk up under her own steam - lifting a 12 week old pupster is a lot easier than a fully grown dog. If possible get her used to walking on the ramp by laying it flat either in the garden or house and make a big game out of it -using favourite toys or treats and then slowly advance from there.
She surprised me today!

I took Bella for a ride today to go to a friend's house and then to stop by my place of work to show my co-workers Bella. She was her usual calm self inside both places that were completely new to her. She behaved perfectly. She went up to everyone with her tail just wagging back and forth and sat down while they petted and loved on her. She did not once jump up on anyone which she hasn't really ever done anyway. Both times we were leaving, she jumped into the car on her own without me picking her up. She normally will not get within 10 feet of the car without me picking her up. I was really surprised and praised her with treats for doing it.
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