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Scabby Bumps?

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Hey, you guys helped me so much before with Tank that I figured I would ask you all since I can't seem to get a real answer from anyone else.

Grizzly has these scabby bumps on his back that don't seem to bother him until you scratch his back and then he just twitches his skin like a cold chill. Anyway, my mom kept him while we were on our honeymoon and washed him with people shampoo (bad, I know) and the bumps showed up after that, this was in June. Well when we moved to Texas we decided to shave him (also bad, I know but Clint's allergies got the best of him). Anyway, he has these scabby bumps and I'm not sure what they are or what is causing them. He has probably 10 on his back. I bought some hypoallergenic medicated shampoo to help his skin but I haven't used it yet because I'm worried it might break him out more. Have you every heard of this? If so, do you know how to fix it?

Please help!!
Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here due to planning a wedding, building a house, moving to Texas, getting promoted... ugh! Hectic life! Maybe Grizzers just has stress pimples!

Thanks again,
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Could you post a picture of them? It sounds an awful like like what we went through with Maximus, who also has allergies and has been shaved before!

He had a staph infection and the medicated/hypoallergenic shampoo helped...but he had to have antibiotics too.
Yep, sounds like staph. Try the shampoo first but he may need to see the vet. Good luck and congratulations on your life changes!
It does sound like staph.... very common. He'll probably need a round of antibiotics.
my dog gets what sounds about the same thing and so far the vet has said it's seasonal allergies... he gives him a round of antibiotics and steroids and he's good until the weather changes again...
It sounds like it could be a staph infection. Use the medicated shampoo to see if it helps and if not then take him to the vet. Congratulations on the wedding, move, promotion and home building.
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