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SC-Smaller Golden Ret. X Boy to die! RESCUED

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The shelter is open from 10 - 2 tomorrow (Sunday) he is going to be gassed Monday morning!!!

Contact for the shelter is Karen Stangel at [email protected] or 843-307-2697

Subject: GAS Chamber Death Sunday VERY SAD Golden Retriever mix at Chesterfield, SC Shelter

I just emld. all of the SC Golden Rescues and will post him!!

The shelter is open from 10 - 2 tomorrow (Sunday) he is going to be gassed Monday morning!!!

Contact for the shelter is Karen Stangel at [email protected] or 843-307-2697---------- Forwarded message ----------

This baby only has the rest of today and Sunday to live. Please help. This is urgent. Will die with out your help.

Another sad Chesterfield dog – a golden retriever mix. Only has the rest of today and Sun. and that is it! PLEASE crosspost, thanks

------ Forwarded Message
From: Animal Advocates Of Union County <[email protected]>
Reply-To: <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 13:16:16 -0700 (PDT)
To: Subject: [AnimalAdoptionLeague] VERY SAD Golden Retriever/Cocker mix at Chesterfield, SC Shelter [3 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Animal Advocates Of Union County included below]

Please, please help this little guy if you can before gassing day comes around on Monday. This poor sweet little boy is very sad at the shelter but even in the environment he is in, he was very calm and laid back. His eyes were just pleading and begging for help. He looks just like a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix and is medium sized. He would be a wonderful companion for an elderly person. I know he would love to live out his life in a loving home. (I know, he told me so!!!!) PLEASE help him if you can. If you can't, please crosspost to all your contacts. This guy is literally begging for his dear life and doesn't stand a chance at this shelter.
As always, if you would like to pull to foster, please get pre-approval from our wonderful dog coordinator.

The shelter is open from 10 - 2 tomorrow (Sunday)

Contact for the shelter is Karen Stangel at [email protected] or 843-307-2697


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I live too far away to help. I hope somebody save him!
Allan's Girl

Allan's Girl: Thanks for hoping for him
I will keep him in my prayers tonight. I hope someone can save this cute little guy.
Karen, I can't e-mail from home - it doesn't work. Can you please e-mail the shelter and see if they will give us more time to try to get a foster or furever home for him?
Chester is about 3 hours from me and I cannot get him tomorrow, but I can and will get him next week if we can find him a place for his poor head.
Is anybody willing to take him if we can arrange transport?
Can anybody help with adoption fees or a sponsorship?
I have to spend some more money on my old guy this week, but I will contribute whatever I can.
I am so praying someone will see this post and help him. He is just precious, and I so hope he will find his forever home.
I can chip in something if we can save this guy. I hope they will give us more time.
I emailed the SC GR rescues, but it's such short notice.....
<Sigh>......He is in the wrong part of SC. I was going to send my son in college to pick him up but the poor guy is in the wrong part of the state. The dog is located near Beaufort or Hilton Head area and my son is near Charlotte. Our fingers are crossed for him he looks like a sweetheart.
To all

[email protected]
CAN someone else please email and CALL the number and ask Copper's Moms

I would be happy to but I will be out all afternoon and the shelter is open 10-2.

Perhaps they will give more time if we can find a rescue.

Contact for the shelter is Karen Stangel at [email protected] or 843-307-2697
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I will be in and out all afternoon. I emailed the shelter and will let you know if I hear anything.

Thanks Goldencontriever.

I will be leaving in about an hour and a half.

My friend just emld. me and said Karen Stangel the volunteer is on her way to shelter now and we should call her on her cell phone but I can't make a commitment as no rescue has stepped up.
If anyone can save this boy, please call Karen Stangel-she's there from 10-2 today Sunday, north carolina time
CONTACT KAREN: 843-378-0016 home/843-307-2697 cell
[email protected]


His time is running out! I emld. the SC Golden Ret. Rescue again, praying for the best. I hope someone saves this sweet, sad, Golden Retriever.

Never got a reply from Karen Stangel at the shelter or the rescues, I sure hope this poor boy got out.
I got a reply from the shelter. He is being rescued!!! This is from Karen at the shelter -

The golden ret rescue has committed to him and will pull him on either Monday or Tuesday. thanks. Karen

Thank you everyone for your help!

Goldencontriever and ALL

To add to this wonderful news, guess who gave $100 to save this dog-
Gail Lustig who gives the Goldstock Camp in PA, every year. Gail is a tireless advocate for dogs in High Kill Shelters!!

Karen Stangel also said that Grateful Goldens is the WONDERFUL rescue taking him!!!!

Here is a msg. from a Cyndi that was trying to find a rescue for him, too!!

I've been networking with Gail Lustig (Goldstock) and just learned that "Grateful Goldens" out of SC have seen this boy and WILL be taking him into their group!!!! Gail has donated $100 toward his care and I am planning on making a donation as well (

Turns out, this boy is what is known as "Comfort Retriever" a mix between a Golden and a Cocker - very expensive "designer dog" from what I'm told!! In any case, I am just SOOOOO happy that he will not have to face that awful death tomorrow morning. I can sleep better tonight. :)

Thanks everyone for getting the word out about this senior boy!

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I had emailed the rescues about this boy too, I am just thrilled to hear he is safe!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for emlg.!!!!!!!
Oh thank heavens he is SAFE!! I have been so worried about him all week-end, and just prayed someone was able to help him! :)
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