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There is another as well, both under a year.
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Full Blooded Golden Retriever Puppy (Mount Pleasant)

Date: 2009-10-31, 8:21AM EDT
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5 month old Golden Retriever puppy needs a loving home. Moving out of state and cannot take her with us. Got her from a breeder in NC when she was 8 weeks. Parent's eyes and hips are certified. She is very sweet and beautiful. Very light in color. Had all her shots and just been spayed and microchipped 2 weeks ago. Has a full size crate, leash, and lots of toys. Call 416-8384
If you know the area code, please call and tell this person to contact the breeder. If the breeder does hips and eyes, they might be reputable and want the dog back.
If they dont want the puppy back then please contact the golden rescues in that area.
I always look up the local Golden rescues and email the CL poster the contact info.
Mt Pleasant is down near the coast of SC. The area code down there is 843
I could pick the dog up if anyone wants. Mount Pleasant is very close to the peninsula.
Pup on CL

There is another as well, both under a year.
The ad has been deleted by the person who listed it.

I'm a volunteer with CFGRR-I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've contacted people who have ads for Goldens either on Craigslist or a local yard sale site in my area. Most of the time people do not reply to me at all. If they do reply, they are nasty and rude saying they want to find a good home for the dog, not a shelter or Rescue.

I provide them with all the info about CFGRR, our website, contact info,
what CFGRR does, etc. Some people you just can't get through to no matter what you do. CFGRR has people contact us wanting to surrender their dogs, we require photos be sumbitted and an Intake Questionnaire be completed prior to CFGRR considering taking them into Rescue. Very few people follow through with the required paperwork or if they do at the very last minute before the dog is to come into Rescue, we've had a few people who have decided to keep the dog or give it to someone else.

It is so Frustrating!!!!!
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