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Samson is a cutie-pie of a Golden who found himself in need of a new home because his owner felt her environment was not a safe one for him. She had purchased Samson as a puppy and, when he was eight months old, realized that she needed to call YGRR for help. Unfortunately, there were dogs in the area that were not supervised and would try and attack Samson when he was taken for a walk. It was a dangerous situation for everyone involved. A transport volunteer responded quickly and brought Samson to the YGRR veterinarian. Samson was neutered, given his YGRR tattoo, and placed on antibiotics for pyoderma.
Samson ended up staying at Riverview for a number of weeks in order to completely erradicate his skin infection. Finally, a couple was called to meet this sweet Golden boy. They had recently lost two Goldens to cancer and were thrilled with the opportunity to adopt a young, healthy Golden. The adoption appointment went fine and Samson has already completely settled into his new home. He is now enrolled in an obedience class and enjoys long walks in the woods each day--along with lots of cuddle time! It's just the type of home that Samson's first owner had dreamed of for her sweet boy.
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Thank you for helping this cutie find his furever home. Love the picture.

i love happy endings.
What a gorgeous boy. So glad he found a forever home!!!
Oh your happy stories and this one is real special. He even looks a bit like my goofy rescue Sampson! :)

So glad he found a loving home. After losing Spencer to cancer I sure understand.
God bless the woman that gave him up so he could be safe. That had to have been so hard. Samson is a very cute guy and looks like he has a funny personality.

Samson-You go, boy!!!

YGRR: Thank you for being there for Samson!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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