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Sams Coat Transformation

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Looking thru old pics to post in the "Lets see your golden grow up thread" I was amazed at how much HAIRIER Sam has gotten LOL

I love his long soft fur, and forgot how much its changed and filled in as he's gotten older, specifically under his belly and his "lions mane". Just a few comparison pics :)

December 2007 (almost 8 months old... and yes, gorgeous beach day in December!!)

Feb 2008 (almost 11 months old)

December 2008

April 2009 (a couple weeks before he turned 2)

and now :)

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Sammy's mane really did continue to fill in. I can't keep my hands out of my boys manes.
Give,him another yr and he will have even more!.
Great pics of yr boy!.
Wow, what a difference! He looks great!
His tail really stood out to me in the most recent picture you posted in that thread. It was curled up and almost looked like a spitz tail at first. I love how it fans out. He has a gorgeous, flowing blonde coat!
His coat is gorgeous. I love the long manes. When I am petting Bama, I always tease him about his long chest hair.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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