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Another poor senior in Ravenna OH


I just got this girl's link sent to me. Another poor senior, picked up as a stray and her family hasn't come for her.

Retriever [Mix]
Large Senior Female

2nd? 3rd? request!!! EX URGENT ResQ: Sweet Senior Lab Girl - Why Hasn't Anyone Saved her yet?????? ( Ohio )

Cross-post ASAP (NOT to Craig's List or KIJIJI) to get her out of the shelter….her time is up.

Partners and Paws has offered to pay the adoption and license fee.
Additionally, Two Tailz will offer $50 towards vetting or food or transport whatever costs will be incurred by the adopter/rescuer of this beautiful
Sorry, can't get the pictures to copy over.

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Oh sheesh!!!!!!
what a poor sad gorgeous girl.
Why didn't I win the lottery so I can help more of them??????
I hope someone gets her out and gives her a good life.
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